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The Power of Dance Music in Israel (Português) 

One of the most beloved international Djs in Brazil, a resident of the Forever Tel Aviv label, one of the biggest labels of gay parties in the world, Mor Avrahami, has been a DJ and music producer for 17 years, collecting numerous hits and an unmistakable musicality.

He has performed at major festivals in Brazil, such as Festa da Lili, and  he talks about his career.

  • Let’s start with some basic questions. So how did you start DJing?
  • It all started when I was 15 years old, I was very connected to house music. I used to hang out in clubs and see very famous dj’s playing their sounds to 800, 1500-2000 people and Thats what gives me the drive to become a DJ. I wanted to do it too. 

How did you start producing?

With the time.. I Slowly realized that I also want to play my own materials. So I started creating and producing house music. After 2 years I got the opportunity to play as a resident DJ in Forum Club, Israel. There I played every weekend my music.

What was the first thing you bought  yourself when you started making money as a DJ?

The first thing that I bought for my self when I started making money was my DJ equipment: Pioneer Mixer -2 CHN and 2 CDJ’s of Pioneer 100. I played with it everywhere that I can. I was by my own.

If you had to recommend one song for someone seeking entry into dance music, what would you give them?

The song that I recommend is Eric Prydz – Everyday. This song just puts you in the mood and makes you want to fly.

Now let’s talk about you as a music producer. What are you using in the studio? What are your favorite plugins and hardwares?

In my studio I’m using in many tools and instruments to get my own and unique sound such as external synthesizer by Novation – Peak. I really recommend this one. He got very warm and deep sound for bass-lines and really nice leads. Besides that, I’m using Diva, Serum, Dune3 and Sylenth.. I really liked those four, every time they surprising me how good they are! My DAW software is Cubase.

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How do you constantly stay motivated and inspired to create such fresh and energetic tunes?

I am a very positive person, happy and energetic. I live and breathe the music every day. I always like my closers to get me some advice, hear opinions and get constructive criticism.

How do you find inspirations for your music?

I always love to hear music from other artists and get inspired. Whether it’s in sound or in production. Sometimes to have a nice walk in good weather and think what can I do for my upcoming next tracks.

You and Yinon Yahel work really closely together. What’s something he does in the studio that you really admire?

Yinon is a big brother for me. I admire him for long years. He’s sound is amazing, he is always full of inspiration to learn from and I always learn from him. 

What’s been the proudest moment of your career?

That I performed at Charles Clore Park in Tel Aviv in front of 30,000 people as part of the Eurovision Village parties. And my parents were in the audience watching my show. There are no words to describe the emotion and the “high” I was in. Simply amazing.

Has the lockdown increased your creativity, or have you used this period to pursue other projects?

The lockdown has also amplified my creations, there are so many of my new materials that I am waiting to return with them to the big world. I embrace the period and appreciate every moment. I chose to look at this period from a place of good and not from a place of sadness. I am a positive person and chose to take everything for granted. Over the past year I have also developed another project of mine called MOLLA, it’s about Melodic House & Techno. So there is no better than that, I have 2 projects of mine which I put all myself in.

What can we expect from You (Mor Avrahami) in the next months?

Expect a lot of new materials, with lots of high vibe and beats and also a new project of mine that I hope you all gonna like. I miss you all and always feel at home in Brazil. So waiting for the moment to come and press play for all of you.

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You have many of fans here in Brazil. What moments marked you career with the brazilian crowd?

One moment I remember is actually from two years ago when I performed in Rio de Janeiro and a fan came from a far end of Brazil straight to Rio to meet me behind the scenes at the festival, he made me a shirt with a picture of me and some other gifts. It really excited me. So again, thank you.

The Brazilian scene is quite different, musically speaking. When you play here, do you make any changes or adaptations in your set?

Of course, at every show in Brazil I come prepared. I know in Brazil people really like drums and a lot of rhythm, less breaks and more high vibes. So I always make sure to incorporate it in my set alongside my materials.

Your track “Pyur” was a great success in Brazil, and because it is totally instrumental, it was used in a multitude of mashups. What is your opinion about this?

Pyur is my anthem, I always say that. This track brought me a lot of exposure and until this day I see that lot’s of Dj’s still plating it. It’s very exciting to me especially that it’s an instrumental track without vocals that it’s very hard to make a track without vocals to be a hit. As for the Mashups, I’m happy about that, it let every DJ choose which song he likes to put on my track. I have heard more than 100 versions of Pyur.  

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